Review|”By the Waters of Babylon (The Psalm Series)” by Mesu Andrews

Hi y’all I’m finally ready to bring you this good review on Mesu Andrews contribution to The Psalm Series, she focuses on A Captive’s Song, Psalm 137.

This is a story of love lost and love found, faith in Yahweh lost and found and how good He is to his chosen people. Our fictional characters are Merari and Idan, main focus. Jerusalem is held under siege by armies and Idan is part of that. What they didn’t expect to find when they finally attacked was a city ravaged by famine and desperation.  Idan mistakes Merari for his god Tabiti so he takes her from near death and shows her great care and brings her back from the brink of death.

The question now is will Merari (being mistaken as Tabiti) be honest with her captures after knowing they were there to kill her people?  Will her faith in Yahweh prevail? What would happen if she reveals who she really is? All of these answer can be found in “By the Waters of Babylon” a heart wrenching story of a lost child of Yahweh.

Overall I give this song a lovely 5/5 stars. Great writing that flowed easily and a story line that really brought Psalm 137 to life for me. I highly recommend this series to anyone searching to grow in their faith, be it with Yahweh or God, whatever you chose to know him by.

It is released today and can be purchased here: Amazon|Barnes and Noble|GoodReads

I hope y’all have enjoyed my review though short and sweet! Again I encourage you to check out the Psalm Series!

Happy reading Thursday!



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