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MuteHazeTitle: Mute & Haze Box Set

Author: Christine Bernard

Publication Date: July 20, 2018

Genres: Adult, Contemporary


This box set includes Mute and Haze.

Mute – Book one:

Can you get by for an hour without talking? A day even? What about a month? Or nine?
Rebecca Marley sets herself a nine-month challenge with only one rule: She isn’t allowed to communicate with anyone. She is to become mute. How hard could it be? Yet, what starts as a challenge, soon becomes a journey of self-discovery as Rebecca has only herself for company. Will this time be the peaceful respite she so desperately seeks? Or will she confront aspects of herself that a noisy world hides so well?
Faced with love and heartache, she soon learns to find solace in silence.

Haze – Book two:

Not all problems can be solved with a mute button.

Everyone knows Rebecca Marley. She’s the crazy, brave and introspective woman who spent nine months without talking. Everyone loves her. She’s raw, honest and relatable. She’s also rich and famous, although I’m sure you knew that already. You’ve probably read her articles, or her book, or seen one of her many interviews. She’s also socially anxious, self-conscious and self-degrading, but she tries to keep that to herself. Her once-silent world has changed, and the noise has engulfed her. It’s also about to get noisier, as Rebecca agrees to a new challenge, perhaps even crazier than before. This story picks up from Mute, and follows Rebecca on a new journey, one which we all face today. It begs the question, ‘how do we find quiet in a deafening world?’

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People always ask if there was one defining moment that made me do it. Just one? I always say. It was a string of events—some related, some not—which brought me to it. Was it worth it? Yes. Would I do it again? Never.

Excerpt from Mute

“Drivel.” Balderdash, hogwash, gibberish.


I blinked. I was talking out loud again. I smiled politely at the woman next to me, and shook my head. I had spent nine months not talking to anyone but my cat, and while it had already been a year since the end of my project, I sometimes forgot I wasn’t doing it anymore. Back then, the simple sound of my own voice would comfort me. I gazed around the room, taking in the scene. I was one of the only people by myself, other than a scattering of individuals all on their phones or laptops. Did that count as being alone? I glanced down at my own laptop and, spurred by guilt, closed it. I tried to hone in on some of the conversations, but nothing seemed important. Nearby, two women were complaining about their husbands. “Every time he goes to work I feel a sense of relief. Of course I love him, I just don’t always like him.” The friend cackled in agreement, while I tried not to groan out loud. It wasn’t just the chatter that filled the space. Noise pollution, they called it. A phone buzzed, a cup clinked against a plate, a coffee machine whirred, and if people weren’t talking, they were chewing. Wet lips opening and closing, tongues darting. Gnawing, chopping, sucking, slurping. It was a wonder I ever went out, even the word ‘chew’ bothered me. The people moved, the place hummed.

Excerpt from Haze

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About the Author

ChristineChristine Bernard is a South African author, with an obsession for good coffee (or wine), books and guinea pigs. She’s also a graphic and layout designer who illustrates on the side, but she’s happiest when writing. She enjoys writing mystery/suspense and contemporary fiction.

If you want to know when Christine’s next book will come out, please visit her website on and sign up to her newsletter.

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