(Book Review) “Hidden Courage: Boarding House Misfits: Book One” by Annie Boone

Good Wednesday morning y’all! I’ve come to bring you a review on an ARC I received free for a clear honest review.

I’d like to introduce you to a new series by Annie Boone called Boarding House Misfits. Here’s what I thought of book one: Hidden Courage.

I found this book fresh, adorable and just the right size. Took me four days to complete it and I consider that an easy read.

Our main characters are Stanley, Sophia and Delores. Everyone plays their parts perfectly and leaves you wanting more. The words flowed effortlessly, there’s some errors but this was an ARC and is just now at the editor so that’s to be expected.

My full rating is 4/5 stars ****/*****

I hope you’ve enjoyed my thoughts and I look forward to what you have to say about this book and series so go! Check this book out! Available starting September 26th 2018.

Purchase Links: Amazon/ GoodReads


Featured image found here.

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