(Book Review) “The Dad Next Door” by Stephanie Dees

Hi y’all this is my first review of the Family Blessings series by Stephanie Dees! I’m so excited to share this series with you.

Let’s be honest we all know from my blog that this isn’t my “regular” genre. I found it a remarkable change of pace and very refreshing! God being the center of these love stories and great families, who could ask for more?

32905288Title: The Dad Next Door

Author: Stephanie Dees

Publication Date: April 18th 2017

Genres: Inspirational, Romance, Contemporary

Here’s my review:

“The Dad Next Door” is a love inspired novel about taking risks and finding love.

Claire has inherited an old rundown farm from her estranged father in an inheritance. As she starts her quest to transform this land to a foster home rehab; she finds herself falling for hot cop Joe.

Joe has his own set of issues. While recovering from being shot in the line of duty, his estranged twelve year old is dropped on his and his mother’s doorstep and wants nothing to do with him.

Meeting Claire changes everything, his daughter opens up, life is moving well until the town comes to arms to stop the foster home. Will Claire’s dreams be crushed before they even begin? How will Joe and Claire grow closer, will they find true love?

Even though this isn’t my usual cup of tea, I find myself drawn to it more and more. Overall I find myself giving this novel five stars! The writing flows effortlessly and there’s twists and turns along the way to keep you engaged. It leaves you wanting more whenever you have to part with it, but I think the ending wrapped things up with a nice little bow.

Thank you Ms. Dees for re-introduction me to a genre I long so forgot.

“This review is done on my own accord, I received the book for a free honest review and am no way obligated to give it high ratings.”

Thank you to Just Read Publicity Tours for this chance and for the other reviews to come.



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