Refocus: The Overlooked Parts of this Book Bloggers Life

Hi you all, I hope you don’t mind but I would just like to take this post to get real for a minute. I want to tell you about some changes and why they are happening.

#1. I’ve been admitted into some form of psychological care twice within the past month and a half to two months. This has caused me to sit out on tours and give late notice to these tour planners, which I feel is not right to them or the authors counting on this promotion.


#2. So since I’m having personal health issues I have come to the conclusion to sit out of all book tours until I feel I’m 100%. I gave the tour groups a heads up as I’m no longer a reliable poster for the time being.


#3. My reviews may be slow coming even though it’s strictly things I want to focus on because I’m having trouble focusing. I’m also in the process of researching earth-based religions to help me find a center and where I feel I fit in, so that is taking time from my review process.


I want to thank you all for continuing to stand by me through this slump. As soon as I feel comfortable on being able to devote myself to the tours again that will be back. Also when I have sometime while studying I’ll try to get some of my books read to bring you reviews.

Happy Tuesday everyone and happy reading!



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