(Review) “This is Where it Ends” by Marieke Nijkamp

indexTitle: This is Where it Ends

Author: Marieke Nijkamp

Publisher: Sourcebooks Fire

Published Date: January 5th 2016

292 pages (Kindle Edition)


Where some view this book as being done in bad taste due to the many school shootings that are increasing each year, I absolutely loved it.

Yes, mass shootings are hard to hear, see or read about however, I feel this book could help on opening those who turn a blind eye to the poor gun regulations in this country.

This story takes place in a small town in Alabama called Opportunity. Itโ€™s idyllic & not unlike other small communities where everyone knows everybody. No one expects the first day of school will be the last for many but also where many will find the courage they never knew they had.

For me this book had everything I look for quick fast action, short chapters, romance, arguments, forgiveness and a great lead into a tough topic. Overall I would have to rate this 5/5 stars!



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